Top 14 Best SkyWars Player (based on my opinion)

Hello there! I’m a SkyWars fanatic and I’ve been looking into finding the top SkyWars players not based off of the total Wins/Kills leaderboard ig where the grinders dominate. I am on this leaderboard but I do know that the people on this leaderboard aren’t actually amazing players and really are just grinders with a lot of spare time (which made me quit grinding).



I’ve never personally played with Zerko but judging by his stats he deserves a spot hereDecent player with which again I have little to say about. I’d say this level of skill is what I’d expect as minimum from a leaderboard player but that’s not going to be the case as as I said earlier it’s mostly full of grinders.


Played both with and against him and I believe him and Zerko are pretty much equal but haven’t had as much playtime with Zerko and LikelyLo so have decided to put LikelyLo one slot above Zerko.


An early grinder who actually dominated the leaderboards early on. I’ve played only against him and he was a challenge to kill. Much like myself I believe he has quit grinding almost 2 months ago now (I am 1 month) but I still think of this guy as a pro. He was my last boundary to getting No.1 Killer and almost beat me to first player to 10k kills (He didn’t don’t worry :p)


So Th3Three is a very well known member and pretty much well rounded player. Good at basically everything and I have little to say about him. Except for the fact his skill comes from his purple power ok? That is all. :p Also I’ve played against him and though he is actually better than most I don’t believe he is better than anyone else on this list.


With an impressive K/W ratio and a decent far above average K/D and W/L I believe he makes it into this No.11 place.


Kokeria is the current No.1 Killer in SkyWars, I’ve played MANY games with him AND against him and I don’t believe he deserves a slot any higher than this. A n impressive grinder but much less impressive player he falls into No.10 with a skill level above many players but not enough to make it into past this spot.


Another impressive player with impressive stats. Not as much of a grinder which made me put higher than most of these other players since his stats are just as high or higher. Not much of a challenge to beat but I’ve not had much time to play with him. Through what I can see this is where he deserves to be.


Friendly guy, a member of a well known guild TeamHax. One of the few good grinders who don’t need to dedicate too much time. I haven’t seen him play recently and I do believe he has quit but that’s irrelevant as when he played he was still a brilliant player.


So this guy used to be a pretty good player early on, he doesn’t grind anymore and stopped almost 2 months ago now. His K/D and W/L is actually lower than Dhruv’s but I put him higher because I’ve fought both in game. Troy_K was a 1v1 and Dhruv was actually me getting 2v1ed yet I still won. I just think this makes Troy a better player IMO but it is probably debatable.


Now this guy, I originally thought he was a player who got carried by 1MW and actually thought 1MW was an extremely good player, but in actual fact John carried 1MW. I’m sure 1MW played teams with MANY people but I believe John is one of his main partners to grind with. Taking into account how I’ve seen him play and the fact that his stats are pretty impressive I do think he is in the top 10 and above the players currently below him. BUT the only reason he is above Leonard on this Leaderboard is because his W/L ratio is higher than leonard’s. That’s the ONLY reason so I’d like people to think of these 2 players as basically equal.


Not a very well known player in my opinion, but an incredibly good one still. His stats showing his skill as well as the games I’ve seen Jeffak makes it into the top 5 😀

The 2nd most Kills on the server. A hardcore grinder who has shot up the leaderboards in the past month. Though a grinder I’ve played against him and really do think he’s an impressive player who deserves a high up spot like this.



Guy’s a beast. I’ve never beaten him and have seen him in action. Definetely deserves this spot and is a big jump from 3rd I must say but is still quite a way away from No.1. Before you say anything about hsi stats I’d just like to point out I’ve killed everyone below the No.2 spot. Everyone above has beaten me quite easily. Which is why Mr69 takes No.2.


ffs, the best skywars player. With both the highest K/D and W/L ratio on the server and playing just over 2600 games he earns the top player spot. You might question why he gets No.1 when he has so few wins compared to the others. It’s because he has LITERALLY more than triple some of the other’s K/D and W/L
ratios. The fact that he maintained both his super high ratios after so many games played simply earns him the right to top player. Also he was incredibly hard to kill (I did kill him) as I chased him across the entire middle of LongIsland. But I did kill him so that’s something nice to say.

Many may disagree but I’ve done the research so I have the numbers to back myself up. Anyone who you think should be on this leaderboard I might’ve already considered so please do ask about them. As for honourable mentions I’d like to point out



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