Fortnite Battle Royale: Top 5 Best Weapons


The Semi-Auto Shotgun is a fearsome weapon at close range, able to take out enemies with a single shot to the upper body or two to the lower body. Even when your opponent is wearing armor, it’s a formidable weapon that will give you the upper hand in close quarters engagements. Unlike the Pump-Action Shotgun, there’s no pausing in between rounds to load a new cartridge into the receiver, which means you can keep the pressure on your opponent with multiple shots. But while this more than makes up for the lower damage output in comparison to the Pump-Action variant, the Semi-Auto Shotgun still isn’t exactly a fast firing weapon, and you’ll still need to place your shots carefully in order to be effective.


The M16 variant of the Assault Rifle is an excellent medium range weapon with enough damage and accuracy that it can still make for an effective long-range weapon, too. In blue Rare form, the M16 packs more damage and slightly less reload time in comparison to its more commonly found grey and green varieties. Finding an M16 allows one to roam the battlefield in confidence, selecting between static defensive tactics or a more mobile aggressive strategy. Indeed, the weapon’s automatic fire and impressive damage per second mean you can effectively camp and open up at enemies from close to medium range. But its accuracy and punch mean that even enemies with scoped weapons will have a hard time overcoming the Rare M16 as long as one stays moving during the engagement (the scoped Assault Rifle is comparatively difficult to use effectively when strafing or moving forward).


The Rocket Launcher is a devastating and intimidating weapon to opposing enemies. It has the ability to kill multiple enemies in a single hit, destroy walls and buildings, and confuse enemies from long range. The weapon has recently had both its reload speed and damage-to-buildings nerfed in a recent update, but it’s still an absolute beast and its damage-to-enemies remain the same. The Rocket Launcher presents a serious problem to anyone hauled up in a building, and it gives you a huge advantage late game versus survivors that attempt to built forts or walls during the final firefight.


There are only three scoped weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale, which means whenever you find one you’ll have a decent advantage over other players from range. The sniper rifle comes in two variants: Bolt-Action and Semi-Auto. A recent patch has increased both the damage and speed of reload time for the Semi-Auto version, but the Bolt-Action’s incredible power means that it’s still the king of the scoped weapons.


The Legendary SCAR rifle is absolutely the best weapon in Fortnite Battle Royale. With more damage and a quicker reload time, it has all the perks of the M16 with an even higher damage per second, which means you can maraud the battlefield in supreme confidence that you have an advantage over enemies at close, medium, and long range.


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